Sunday, January 4, 2009

When Buns go bad...

I went back to Kl again this weekend. Actually I didn't plan to until my boss asked me and was really surprised when I said no. Following his reaction I thought to myself and spontaneously packed my stuff and drove back :D Called Ms J no. 1 to have our hokkien mee session but she was busy. Darn! So in the end I just went home and had dinner/ supper with my family. Later that night was surprised to received a msg from Ms J no.2. We shared our fair share of probs on msn but it wasn't consoling enough. So at 12.45 a.m I decided to go over her place and resumed our one-on-one therapy wtf. Even had to bring my own 3-in-1 coffee simply because that woman doesn't know how to work her 'high-class' coffeemaker. It was great for 2 heartbroken people catching up laughing shamelessly at our crazy fantasies. I left at 4 a.m dead tired.

The next day was more exciting. Took Ms. J no.2 out for dinner at Rakuzen. She misses her avocado crabmeat salad and I miss my zen beef sukiyaki. Again the both of us unleashed our 38ness assuming everyone else thought of us as a couple. Sorry...... not just any couple but a celebrity couple wtf. After dinner we were just too full, so we decided to take a stroll along Pavillion. We went crazy and acted like tourists. I seriously wonder what went wrong that night.....

The final itinerary was to have drinks, get drunk and end the night. It was bad. Wanted to go to Wabisabi at TTDI but it was full. So ended up at Modesto Tao which served lousy drinks and bad service. When we went in we were greeted by the Filipino waitress. Her face instantly changed when she saw us as a couple. I was kinda confused until we went in and saw there were many call girls serving balding fatty uncles. Guess we were not potential customers for her. Hence the cold service wtf.

On a totally different topic, I witnessed a sweet cat-couple wtf when I was back home. They were this 2 cats which kept brushing their heads to one another, almost as if they were re-assuring their love. Either that or they have equally itchy heads wtf. It was nice to see such loving cats instead of the ones which keep purring outside my kitchen door demanding for food whenever my mum cooks.

Btw, have a great 2009 everyone! Meow Meow!!


Adrian said...


binbin said... much off la!! I dont care, when i go back you guys better hang out with me at pavilion!! and i am not gonna drive!! HMPH!

June said...

the tittle says it all.. lol..
thanks shaun for the great weekend!
*when r u coming back again? cant wait ;)

adrian, yes, ur bro dressed up really well that nite! hehe

bin dear, we will be hanging out again provided u r agreeable to anywhere we go.

jillies said...

oh! Ms J #1 is sidetracked!

I apologize! =_=

But I do miss Wabisabi though! :D

binbin said...

june, when you asked 'when r u coming back again' i thought you meant me...:( very sad indeed...and i am not gonna agree with you guys if you wanna go clubbing again..

*wS* said...


having so much fun without me? :(