Monday, December 29, 2008

Need I say more?

So long didn't post anything so I'll post a long one this time....

23rd December 2008, Tuesday
Just attended the regional meeting for 9 freaking hours. Mentally tired and was contemplating of driving back to Kl or not. Decided to fuck it and drive home because I don't wanna drive back on Xmas eve. Sure damn tired when I reach Kl and thus spoil my Xmas mood.

24th December 2008, Wednesday

Woke up doing nothing.... laze around and watch anime only... until I go to Grandma's place for Xmas eve dinner. Now, Xmas dinners are always nice. They have turkey, roast potatoes, steamed veges and yummy desserts. This is what I had.

Curry prawn, stew duck, yong tau foo,stir fried vege ........... what's so christmasy about these...... CNY also same food........... need i say more?

The company was alright though. Was fun to catch up with cousins and was even more fun when aunts RE-interrogate my lovelife: "Shaun where's your Gf? Your brother getting married already wor... where is yours? Working still don't have meh?" Need I say more. sigh..... Right after they decided the itinerary for Xmas day itself. To attend Mass in the morning; check. To eat leftover food from Xmas eve's dinner for lunch; not so check wtf. To have dinner at Seafood Restaurant, Lala Chong; BYE BYE!!!

25th December 2008, Thursday

Went to Mass at CDM in the morning. After that, didn't eat lunch at Grandma's place but asked R out for lunch. Had japanese at Rakuzen. Wasn't really Christmacy either but fulfilling. Beef Sukiyaki kampai wtf. R also burnt me 2 CDs which I am so addicted to right now, especially to Robin Thicke. After listening I tried to sing like him but failed miserably.Still I will not stop wtf. You're my baby, ohh baby.. you're my sweet sweet love oh baby.... After lunch we hang out at Starbucks, Pavillion trying to spot for eye candies. Quite fun sipping espresso frap, looking around and smoke. He did, I didn't =P. As for dinner, we had nothing to do so ended up going to Neway Karaoke. 2 people sing like mad from 6.00-10.30. Unfortunately no Robin Thicke. damn... or else I could have done my sweet sweet baby version.... and R would probably keep bleeding...keep keep bleeding wtf. After that went back home, shower and drank coffee. It was a great day. "You're my baby.. sweet baby..." I think somebody has to stop me now.....Need I say more?

26th December 2008, Friday
Didn't have any plans today. Ate nasi kandar for lunch while watching Ugly Betty and wasted time until late in the evening. Had dinner with college mates at Tony Romas. It was nice to catch up with them i guess. Need I say more?

27th December 2008, Saturday
Brought family to the famous Hong Kong dim sum restaurant at DJ for breakfast. They really enjoyed it but not as much as the cashier. So expensive! After that went back home, continued sleeping until evening and had Spicy Soup steamboat with Py at Timesquare. Didn't taste as good as the last time but we had a great time. After dinner we watched IP Man. Donnie Yen is still as good as ever. This time, funny too! Py and I sparred a little Wing Chun and obviously I won. However, I was forced to succumb in signing a marriage agreement with her if she's not married by the time she turns 30. Oh well, it's a win win situation anyway. Need I say more?

28th December 2008, Sunday
Cw came back from Aus! I took him to Pavillion and we had lunch at Madam Kwan. Funny since I couldn't find anything I like there, I ended up eating chicken chop wtf. After that we just hang around Pavillion window shopping. Tried to get seats at Starbucks but it was full. Dammit! Was using my evil-persuasive-power wtf to make him buy something from Pavillion but failed. Didn't give up and finally made him buy an external hard drive from Low Yat. Perseverance pays :) He also used his power by asking me to go over to Aus and work in Melb. I shut him up by asking him to bring me over as his domestic partner to get my PR status. He wasn't going to marry his gf for the next 2 years anyway. Need I say more?

29th December 2008, Monday

Waking up was a bitch today. The moment I opened my eyes I remembered today's the day I return to Kuantan. sigh....... didn't wanna go out for lunch because I know by the time I get back I'll have to leave already. So just stayed in and ordered pizza. Somehow waiting for 45 minutes prolongs the time wtf. Pathetic I know. After lunch packed my stuff and depart...... Now I'm here blogging about my entire week feeling homesick. Only 3 weeks more to go before I leave for Penang. Pray I won't miss home as much as now. Pray even harder that I won't eat too much and get fat in Penang.

Need I say more?


churekie said...

really made this as diary? and a weekly diary?

really alien la you! and came back nv ajak us, only ajak-ed ur contracted wife~ =.=

jillies said...


Then you come back when I'm gone, and go back when I'm back.

Useless biatch.

Hokkien Mee la wei. With extra chee yau char.

Shaun said...

hahahha... james... u are the one busy ok.... bday also never ajak us to ur party :p

Jill... what supper..... we are suppose to go to Nerovivo ok!!!!!!!
The delicious pizza and heavenly dessert awaits us yoh!!

*wS* said...

Shaun!! need I say more?