Saturday, January 17, 2009


Oh hai!
4 months 4 months in Kuantan and I'm finally DONE! Time flies I tell ya. Just a few posts ago I fret and complained how lonely and boring I got and yada yada. Now I'm already preparing for my next attachment, Penang! Yesterday was a rush when I was finishing up my work (don't want to leave any shit for my colleagues to follow up after I leave wtf) and then went home to stuff my things into my car. End up no time and just threw everything inside. While packing I realised I had alot of unnecessary stuff like accumulated plastic bags (to throw rubbish wtf), accumulated rubberbands and strings to tie rubbish bag swtf, books I brought but didn't read, shin chan comics, unused cups I bought when I expected friends to visit, thousands of clothes hangers, all my pirated dvd series, and the list goes on..... Gotta admit although I'm happy leaving Kuantan now, there are things I'm gonna miss. The people here are so nice! I really hope the people in Penang would be the same!! I'm gonna miss the beer and people in LemonGrass Bar! I'm gonna miss being called Anuar Zain celup Cina wtf, I'm gonna miss the free iced nescafe and food I get from my Kai Ma (Godmother) so cheapskate wtf. I'm gonna miss scolding and listening to the waitresses complaining about their bf and the domestic violence attempts (cry cry cry but still wanna be together wttttttf!). Anyway these are random pics I took throughout my Kuantan attachment...

On the way to Kuala Terengganu for a regional meeting, I pursuaded my colleaguess to stop by this stall and try this drink called Air Nira. Looks dirty and disgusting but it actually tastes quite alright. It's made from coconut but I don't know which part of it. The smell is a little pungent, something like todi without the alcohol kick to it. Not that bad la. Still drinkable and no I did not get diaerrea. But I don't think I will try it again. heeeeee..........................

This is something I had very often for breakfast, Nasi Minyak (oil rice wtf). No la it's not literally oil and rice only... similar with Briyani rice. It's actually very nice but too filing for me. People here eat alot of rice even for breakfast. And I'm obligated to follow them. How to not get fat?

This is an East Coast famous rice dish, Nasi Kerabu. I absolutely love it! Rice mixed with lots and lots of vegetable strips, shaved coconut, sambal and roast beef! Seriously damn nice! A must try if you go there! This is also usually eaten for breakfast. Fattening too but not so bad since there're more vege and I really like it. Fat also worth it wtf.

This is my kai ma. Funny story since she's one of my retailer who was supposingly very difficult to handle. So I was forced to unleash my goodboy and innocent look power wtf and deal with her. Somehow she fell for it and I got to know her a little better and boom became my godmother. After that I started to get free iced nescafe and lunch. Then I received Christmas present, and then New Year present, and then CNY Ang Pow and lastly Vitamins to take to Penang. You see, never underestimate the power of goodboy and innocent look wtf. But I'm not thick skin also and I'm kinda embarrassed that she treated me so well. Therefore I took her and her son for dinner. See I'm equally nice. >.<

This is my assignment manager in Kuantan. In formal terms, he's my boss but I call him my "Ah Hia", brother wtf! That's why I'm so gonna miss the people in Kuantan. Everyone's cool about everything which made work fun! Of course he's the cause of my constant Tiger and Heineken consumption too wtf. The amount of beer I drank throughout the 4 months in Kuantan is way more than what I drank my entire life before I went there. Nonetheless I had fun and incredible memories there!

Felt so shy because I'm sitting on the Regional Manager's seat (the man-in-black.. lamechop I know). State clerk behind. Nervous until smile damn fake wtf.

When I came back to Kl finally went to see my coach (KL main reporting manager). Did my sign off and was glad to get a good appraisal from him! Means good bonus later this year muahahaha! After that managed to meet up with Ws for lunch at 1U. Didn't know they opened a few new restaurants there. Went to New York New York Deli which serves New York food wtf. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups.... aiya western food la. I ordered their All-Day-Breakfast which was okay only but I will definitely go back there since there're so many other dishes in their menu. Prices are reasonable too!

-Pumpkin Soup-

-Crispy Buffalo Wings-

-Ws' Salmon sandwich.. yucks-

-Big Big Breakfast-

-Glutton eat so much-

This last pic is actually for Ws to show off to the other 2 wtf, sitting in the Avanza and eating with me in my uniform. I feel so used, like some fcking zoo animal.

Will be leaving for Penang this Sunday, a whole new chapter which will not be 4 months 4 months but
4 and a Half Months,4 and a Half Months!


binbin said...

WTF...I HATE YOU ALL!!! Who the hell is going to fly here and have lunch with me?? OMG..can't take it..btw..where is the picture of WS in your avanza?

ok..i need to take some pills...

anyway, take care and have fun in Penang yeah!!! Miss call me when you reach there safely bet i said this much earlier than the other two..hmph!

jillies said...

HA ha ha!
I see damn a lot of that TVB smile in your pics.

Tsk tsk tsk. Ended up choosing the right profession eh. One that could utilize the smile.


*wS* said...

Shaun!! why must u make it sooo clear u didn't put up the last pic by choice??


WENBIN!! it's ok, u fly back here I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with u :P

haha Have fun in Penang!! all the best!!!