Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cny & Pg Updates

First of all, Gong Xi Fa Chai ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second, gomenasai for the super late update............

Third, where's my ang pow wtf?

Fourth, I think I shall start my update with Penang.

Drove over on 18th Jan. Didn't know the way there and was laughed at when I thought I should use the same way to Malacca (it's the opposite direction wtf). By my dad some more! Luckily I had my ever reliable Garmin GPS and it has officially become a necessity to me. The journey took 3 and a half hours, further than Kuantan but easier since there isn't any windy, accident prone road throughout. Also I had Ken Hirai to accompany me. 3 CDs long wtf. Somehow driving over this time wasn't as boring....felt kinda holiday-ish. Probably because of my jakun-ness crossing over the sea via a bridge and looking forward the many many foodsss I will endeavour in the coming months muahahaha!

After passing the bridge I had to call W to direct me to my rented condo since Garmin also didn't know where it was, not so reliable anymore wtf. Fortunately I'm smart enough to figure out where it was and finally found the place. Didn't know what to expect because my Kuantan house was nearby a crazy lady's house and my previous housemates were fishermen wtf. This is however damn....... NICE!

I always thought the rent I am paying is kinda expensive..... but after seeing the place I realised why. Air conditioned, astro, wireless, washing machine, etc etc all provided. Some more it's green... damn fated.... so I shall pay... I pay!!! My room's quite small though... only enough to fit in a matress, a wardrobe and a small table. So this time no one can come crash at my place d.....

My office is about 15 minutes drive away. No jam, so it's tolerable but still cannot compare to my 2 minute drive to office in Kuantan wtf. 8 a.m start work, 7.35 wake up. Now, 8 a.m start work 6.50 wake up. blah.................................... Working culture here is really different, expectations are higher and the people are 'interesting'.

As for the bestest part of Penang, the FOODs! Sorry again but I gotta potong stim a bit because I didn't get to take any food pics while I was there. Usually either forget to take camera out or after work just too tired to do so. On the first week there, I ate more than 10 plates of fried koay teow. Thats like an average of 1.5 plates a day wtf. And now I'm kinda sick of it d. I also tried their Hokkien Noodle. Funny thing, the Hokkien noodle there isn't the black black fat noodle wtf they have it here in KL. Hokkien noodle there is the same as our Prawn Noodle here. Mee Yok. Har Mee. But it's damn nice lo. The one I ate was really spicy and usually gotta wait damn long to be served. And another thing, the order taker (wife) and the cook (husband) has a common trait. Black face wtf. Don't understand why they have this super moody and negative aura surrounding them. Their business is good what! And my colleague told me that apparently you can never order anything from the husband because he's in some hokkien-mee-trance-mode wtf since he listens and responds to nothing but his wife. Such a loving moody couple. Other than that, I've tried other foodss like duck noodle, law mee (special because they have chicken feet which I don't eat wtf), famous wan tan noodle, nasi kandar, pasumbor (Indian rojak), chinese rojak..... can't remember d. But the one I can never forget is the super crunchy, very sinful, extremely delicious, surely heart attack FRIED CHICKEN SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's located at Gurney food court and omg I love it. I think I ate it 4 days in a row. And it's only because they were closed on the remaining days. I think I'm obsessed because I always think about it when considering my options for dinner. Seriously if it's not so health threatening, it'll already be my staple food. No more rice or noodle or bread. Ok I think I need to stop now. *cruch crunch crunch* Again so sorry for no pics. I only have mental pics taken. *crunch crunch crunch*.

Okay, next will be my CNY updates.

It was nice and easy because I took a flight home this time and I don't wanna risk the balik kampung jam. Already planned and booked my flight last year via Air Asia. So smart to book early but 1 week after I booked and paid they came out with the no fuel surcharge promotion. Fuck.

This is the first thing I saw when I went into my room. A golden Ox wtf. My parents thought I should have it since I was born in the year of the Ox. I told them to take it away because I wasn't that superstitious and leaning more towards the western side. Then they reminded me that my western zodiac is Taurus. I gave up.

On CNY eve, my family had a steamboat reunion dinner. Mum got all the preparations done and we simply sit back, shake balls and waited for dinner....... HAHAHA.... I used the excuse of tired coming back from outstation and yada yada. And my mum did an awesome job!

Dinner was really good. And to add the CNY feel, we used the authentic chinese rice bowls and chopsticks and spoons. If only we have bird cages and jade/marble chairs wtf. The steamboat was really good and there's a Lim family recipe secret I would like to share. It's my mum's fried rice. One of the best I've tried.... why? Because it's fusion. Instead of using Chinese sausages (lap cheong), she replaced it with streaky bacon. DAMN NICE. Try it once, and you pasti nak lagi wtf.

Overall CNY was kinda the same for me. Go visiting, collect ang pows, gamble, lose money. The usual. So for the remaining holidays, I decided to go out with some other people and do non-cny stuff. Shopping and eating! Muahaha!

Realising the coming fats I would gain from Penang eateries, I must work out and join a gym. They only have FF and Celebrity in Penang. Didn't know which was better but luckily E is going to get me a 1 month free trial in Celebrity. Can save one month's fee wtf but I didn't have any gym attire. So there goes my ang pow money.

Went shopping with Py and got a pair of shoes, dry fit top and pants in MidValley. One bad experience was that we initially saw this pair of shoes at the Nike Shop in the Gardens. No size there so we asked the salesgirl to check for us in the other Nike branches. It's obvious she wasn't willing to do so but went reluctantly. After 3 minutes she came back saying all sold out. Not surprising huh. Then we went to the MidValley branch to check and guess what, they have my size. How surprising and Wtf right. Not sure if there's some internal sales competition going on or she's just plain lazy or having a really bad pms. Was so tempted to go back there to ask the potential pms girl but Py was too kind and I was too lazy to walk all the way back. Py also got something for herself. I used my evil-pursuasive power to make her buy a Rm300 Esprit bag. So proud of myself until it backfired. I also bought one wtf!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a man's sling bag and I got it for Rm150 after discount. Reason being, it would allow me to put all my manly stuff into my manly bag wtf when I go out in future. Wallet, handphone, camera, Ipod, PSP, and condoms. What? Joking la.

As for my eating sessions, I only went out twice for nice makans. One was with M at Pasta De Gohan in Sunway Pyramid and the other was with the girls at Bavarian Bierhaus, German Beer and Sausages restaurant at The Curve. Son Gohan's pasta wtf was really good since it incorporated both Japanese and Western elements in their paste. Their super saiyan wtfff green tea ice cream dessert literally killed me. I actually went and tasted heaven. Lame but I really did. As for the German sausages, they were tasty but rather short. Haha as wrong as it sounds, it was delicious la. Also quite worth it, Rm19.90 for their set lunch which consists of a drink, soup and a main course. The portion isn't big but enough for lunch. Don't go there if you're looking for quantity but please try if you're seeking quality.

-Chicken Katsu Tamato ji-
-Tomato Cream Sauce Chicken and Mushroom Fettucini-

-Eggplant & Minced Beef Gratin-

-Macha Azuki Parfait-
-Tomato Soup-

-Chorizo Sausages with Mashed Potatoes and Spinach-

Okay I'm getting hungry just by posting it. So I shall end here and go find something to eat!

P.s Go watch Sex and The City series if you have not.
Samantha Jones I love you!

P.s.s Valentine's next Sat and I've already received my first card.
Thankyusss Ws!

P.s.s.s. Best compliment to date: Soulful Eyes

P.s.s.s.s Worst Insult: Uncle!



binbin said...

woo nice shoes!!! and please take a picture of the fried chicken skin because I haven't seen it it like those normal fried chicken without the meat?

Edward "Providence" Saw ™ said...

siao... 10 plates in 1 week... even WE locals DON'T do that... excessively... Our hokkien mee and our mee udang is different... we even have curry me which is known to ur selangor-ish ppl as curry laksa... or something like that...

AND... how can penang be in the same direction as malacca... we are from the northern region... not southern... lmao... I support the fact that u got laughed at for this =P

jillies said...


Me and Kev go for holiday it's like chicken skin heaven man. Some more ask for two cups one. And the name of the shop damn funny also, ha ha!

And your place looks damn nice la......... I wanna have a place like that too..

BTW can I borrow Ken Hirai to rip? :P

Shaun said...

Bin: Fried chicken skin without meat.. 100% crunchy! :D

Eddy: I admit I have bad sense of direction but u damn mean... bleh...

Jillies: Chicken Skin yohhhhhhhhhh... my place is nice ar... faster buy ur own place la... i'm sure u can afford it now...

Ken is for everyone to share :D

sheiai said...

jakuns... penang is north, malacca is south :)
n wah the condo looks nice... i m coming to visit :)