Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Terriggible Dae

Ok.... usually I won't blog on a weekday because I'm just too lazy and tired wtf. Today I'm still lazy and tired but I have to write this down to remind myself how wrong a day could go and to console myself if I ever experience a shitty day like this in future.

Ate spicy fried rice with beer and slept so late due to webcam and chatting.
Also didn't shit that day (why am I telling all
Woke up the next morning with a really bad tummy ache.
Before shower stomach pain like mad but just cannot shit.
After I got dressed and prepare to go to work.... then I felt like shitting superwtf. I think my stomach hates me for eating too much spicy food.
When I'm finally done with shitting the electricity went out. Autogate cannot open. Car cannot go out. I'm stuck.
Called the landlord and he told me the key's in the drawer. Found it but it isn't the right one. Called landlord again but he insisted that that is the key.
Gave up and asked my colleague to pick me up. No car... cannot work.
Then retailer called saying his shop got broke into and wanted me to go over. How??
After that landlord called and asked me to go back. He had the key with him all the while. Fck! Gonna give him eat spicy fried rice soon!

*Don't know why I'm getting angrier as I am continue writing this wtf*

Finally got my car and visited the retailer. Reach there only found out I couldn't help much since the insurance people are from Selangor and it's a public holiday there. Retailer somemore not appreciative and even asked me why I don't know. I'm so gonna feed him with spicy fried rice!
Then gotta finish tomorrow's work because I'm sending my car for puspacom inspection.
Drove so far but the shops were closed. Still in Raya Haji mood apparently. So I'm planning to serve all the shop owners with spicy fried rice when they get back. Raya Haji somemore la....

In the end, I went back without accomplishing anything.

Still have to send my car tomorrow but work not done. How?

It's the spicy fried rice I tell ya....... not the beer.


binbin said...

errm....too bad?? could be just the rice n not spicy fried...or just spicy and not fried rice...or may be it's the beer after all..conclusion, alcohol is bad..alcoholic = inefficient at work...stop drinking!!

morticya33 said...

After all that alcoholic incidents with the company I'd think that you would have sobered up.

Tsk tsk tsk...