Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bali Bali Omphh!

Apologies for my short absence... the gang and I went for a 5-day holiday trip to Bali, Indonesia. It was sort of a post-exam reward or rather an excuse we gave to our old folks for a holiday. We kinda under budgeted the expenses as most of us reach home with nearly Rm0 or so. Thank God for ATM. Shopping there was quite cheap, depending on what brand you aim for and the volume of purchase. Needless to say, the more the cheaper....bulk-buying. And you can really sharpen your bargaining skills there. The classic trick is always to threaten to walk away whenever the price of the buyer and seller do not match. Wahaha!! In Bali, bargaining is a necessity. Why? Because they tend to mark up the prices up to 60-70% of the price they usually sell to the locals there. Something worth Rp150,000 could be purchased for Rp80,000. It'll also be an advantage if you can speak Bahasa Malaysia to them, as you will not be mistaken for a Jap and offered a slaughtering price.

Anyways, what we did there wasn't anything special... sight seeing in Kinta Mani; the lake beside the volcano, turtle island, temples and the cultural dance. The most memorable parts of the trip are probably the full body massage we tried and Kinta Mani. Don't know why but I keep mistaken Kinta Mani for Lembah Kinta, something we learn in Geography in school.... (biji timah wtf!) It was the first time I went for a massage and frankly it felt awkward because I gotta strip my clothes off, wearing only the disposable underwear they provided. Then the girl begun washing my feet and legs before the massage begin. When she's done, I lay down on the bed sticking my face in the hole while she stomped on my back. Okay, I exaggerated a little... but she did stand my my back. It felt really really good and you can tell she's very skilled! She massaged almost every part of the body (even the butt but not the privates) and up to the tiny toe of mine. I stopped her when she massage my thighs because I couldn't handle the tickle, lol. It was damn geli and I tried to "take it like a man, wtf". At the end I couldn't stand it and burst out laughing. I know, damn failure right.

-Dodgy looking but absolutely professional massage parlour, I hope-

As for Kinta Mani, it was breath taking!!! It's really the main itinerary I looked forward through the entire trip. Visiting the volcano and seeing the lake beside it, along with the cold breeze....it's heaven! We had a buffet lunch there and we sat at the counter overlooking the entire view. The food was alright but we were rather busy taking pics and cam-whoring. Wahaha. Damn nice... damn nice.

Another nice but overpriced place we went was the Turtle island and Dreamland. Turtle island, as the name speaks for itself is a place we can see and touch turtles, lame-chop wtf. We paid Rp120,000 which is equivalent to an estimated Rm40.00. We expected more but we only saw turtles, bats, snakes and had coconut to drink (which we have to pay). I consoled myself since it's the first time I saw and touched a turtle.

- The bat with a black package, wahaha-

-And they sell souvenirs too, *wink*-

Dreamland isn't like the Australian themepark. Eh wait....sorry but i think the Aussie version is Dreamworld...... Anyways, it's a beach with white sands, rough but cool waves, great rocks, and many many ang mos with yummy yummy bods! :)

-It's L.O.V.E.... go figure, wahahha-

-oh bergayanya, wtf-

The other place we went was the temple by the sea. Can't really remember the name.... and was not informed on it's history. So we ended up only taking nice pics... wahaha.

-the place was so sacred that we have to wear a sarong each-

-the place was so sacred that I just need to pull off a kungfu stunt-

-the place was so sacred that we gotta take our shirts off and give more kungfu poses-

-Another temple by the beach-

-officially posers (but with style, wtf)-

The rest of the trip was basically shopping and more shopping. I bought clothes, wallets, dicks , dvds and etc home. Gotta promote the DVDS. Call me cheap but I got 80 pieces of DVDs for only Rm160 (of course they're pirated but ...*whistles*). Friends, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and also QAF for 'someone'. I'm really gonna be busy.

Other random pics taken......

-Go green but apparently God's veg need a parking space too-

-The most famous Ayam Bertutu shop, and they say funny pays-

-The cultural dance-cum-sketch-
*notice the thing sticking out between his legs.....it was his tail you hamsap!*

-Claiming our welcome drinks on the last day of the trip, Malaysians we are lol-

-If you wanna order something on the plane, try the Roti Jala. It's good at only Rm6.00-

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