Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gossips and Appetite

My aunt and cousin from Malacca visited us today. Was kinda fun updating one another with our lives. It was even more interesting listening to the gossips actually...

Aunt : Do you know the owner of the shop we rented from has 4 wives....
Me and Mum : Omg, are u serious???
Aunt : Yeah yea!! And to make it worse, he's like this tiny man... but keep bullying them; beating and slapping them at his will.
Me : All four of them???
Aunt : No no.... only 3 of them now.... the first wife cannot tahan... shifted out and stay with their son in KL already.
Me and Mum : Wah!! Why didn't the wives retaliate and fight back???
Aunt : That's why la!!!!! We all in the area think he used some jampi (black magic).. make them willing to get beaten up and not do anything!
Mum : Yeah!!! That was also my first thought!!! That old man pukau the woman!
Me and Cousin : *Sweats* Cannot be la!!! Where got so terrer!!
Aunt : Got!!! Now even worse!! He's currently trying to tackle this form 6 girl. And she's also quite interested in him..... everyday after school she will come over to the shop and 'chit chat' with him...
Me, Mum and Cousin : Isn't he like 60++ years old and she's probably 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt : That's why we say jampi lo!!
Me and Cousin : Then shouldn't you report to the police!! Domestic violence and potential use of
jampi/ hypnosis!!!!!
Aunt : Aiya, won't work one..... *silence*.. *changes topic*...
Me and Cousin : *speechless*

Anyways, my aunt was sweet enough to bring us food which she made from scratch! This included wanton, fuchuk, sambal (chilly paste) and her super yummylicious rice dumpling (a.k.a Bak Zhang!) I didn't even know the festival is reaching near but that didn't stop me from eating it right after my aunt and cousin left!

-It cracked opened by itself after it was heated up! See the chestnut!!-

A warning to everyone not to eat too much of the dumpling at one go. It causes constipation. I learnt that last year. It isn't worth it. Trust me....

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