Saturday, August 18, 2007


Thursday wasn't a great day. Work was hectic. Body was aching. Mind wasn't calm. Boss was bossy. Colleagues were quiet. Friends weren't supportive. Life kinda suck. If only I can be who I am not.


So did what I had to do. Since I'm not attached, I can't complain or simply hug it out. So I resort to food. Good Food. =) Slightly pricy, but it's worth it considering it would 'un-emonize" me. So called DZul out to have dinner, my treat since he spent me the last time. Went to my fav place; Ms Read/ Delicious and ordered my fav pasta, Duck Confit Spegettini. Money well spent, felt so much better after that.

~DUck Confit Spegettini~

Went home after dinner. Shower and gaze at the PC. Again, am trying to search myself. Fuck it. Just sleep and get over it. Maybe I'll need Ms Read again tomorrow, or maybe a new life.


*wS* said...


feel better! :)

binbin said...

oh mi oh mi mooooo......since she gave you *hugs*...then i shall

*hugssssssssss* kuasa sepuluh...