Saturday, August 18, 2007

Badminton @ Bukit Jalil

I've never been a badminton fan but I do enjoy watching it once a while. Most of the time I would be supporting Malaysia whenever there's Thomas CUp or the World Badminton Championship. HOwever, I'm not sure if I'm some kind of jynx but i can swear on my doggy's bulu that Malaysia always lose whenever I sincerely support them. Hence I decided to test my 'special gift' once more. This time, I'll go LIVE.

Sheiai, a colleague of mine took the liberty to actually buy the tix. I thought it would be a great way to get things off my mind since I had a rough day yesterday. So I went as well. Again, was also serious to test my 'special gift' *cough*jynx*cough*

The stadium was surprisingly crowded. I was thinking it would probably empty because it's not even the quarter or semis. It's only the 3rd round. But I was so so so wrong....

The first match was our beloved Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia's No.1 seed against Soni from Indonesia and we were so fortunate to get the first row seats in the stadium. Best view ever!! So the match started and *smash*... Indo 1-0 Mal.....*5 minutes later* Indo 8-5 Mal~~~~ 15 minutes later Indo 21-11 Mal. KANASAI! Lee Chong Wei lost the first match. So we consoled ourselves that it is probably just a strategy he adopted to make the opponent overconfident. And then the second set started.

~~~ 20 minutes later~~~

Indo 21-09 Mal

I have proven myself.


Here are some random pics I took with my N80.

~Chong Wei sedang ber'stress'...~

~Malaysia betul-betul boleh kah?~

~Si Misbun Sidek & Si Chong Wei~

~No Jagung popcorn, but there's Chicken Popcorn~

~Ex Badminton star--> Sexy Rexy~

I was forced to leave early because I had work to do at home. However, I was greeted with a great experience. I spent a wonderful 15-20 minutes looking for my car simply because the carpark was so fcking big. And my memory was so fcking bad. I love my life.

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