Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh My Love.......

Have you ever wanted something so bad in your life that you just can't stop thinking about it? I mean, like when you're in love or maybe having the craziest cravings for your favourite desert. I feel the same way for you, Kaiser. As quoted from Jerry Maguire, "You complete me" and as corny as it sounds, Kaiser... "You had me at Hello"...literally.....You might be thinking, who's Kaiser? So i'm gonna give you another hint...HTC.....a.k.a. High Tech Computers!! lolz. Most of you are probably not aware of the brand HTC until the recent launch of HTC well no offence but it's not my kind of handheld. If you really want a superb masterpiece, be ready for the HTC Kaiser/ P4550. I'm telling you it's fcking great because it simply has all the features I look for in a handheld. Yes! all that Me, Myself & I look for! *told you the review's opionionated*

So what's so great about this phone? Well for starters, it runs on windows mobile 6, has's the 1st PDA phone to have a 3mgpx camera in has the QWERTY keyboards........and yes..IT HAS GPS! Oh yea, the cool thing of this phone is that the slidescreen is able to slant approximately 45 degrees!!! Omg, I'm cumming babey!!!!!!!


To be fair, i guess i have to talk abit of the downside of this beautiful, sophisticated, superb, excellent, eye-catching and sexy device as well...=P......The only potential issue with this phone is the size, a little bulky (52x112x19 mm) but it's worth the weight (190 grams) considering what it can offer. So that's the worst this phone can be...................................................................... Okay fine i gonna confess!!! The fact that this device runs on only 128 mb ram & 256 rom capacity bugs me a little. I'm not sure if it is sufficient to sustain and maintain multiple applications at a time. And to be honest, i'm kinda skeptical of the turning the camera function in the midst of other applications. HTC Touch has already given memory problems when turning the camera on.....I'm not sure about this one though.
All in all, I'm still taking my chances with this phone. The HTC Kaiser/P4550 is supposingly the replacement of the Dopod 838 pro, hence I don't think this phone could get howwww bad. *fingers crossed* Should be out in Sept 2007, so get your ass up and DONATE me some MONEY for crying out loud!!!!
p.s for you gadget fans out there, would like to share with ya'll this website which offers videostream reviews.;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;cat=37&prodid=20533&ID=718&titleHTC%20P4550%20-%20Unboxing%20and%20Hands%20on <--- my baby's on video


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