Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Monday Blues....

It's 10.26 p.m and I'm starting my first post. Why? It's because I'm already bored. It's Sunday night and the Monday blues are already starting to kick in. I don't hate my job, in fact I kinda like it because my collegues are fun people and my work is interesting. When I was doing Management Organisational Behaviour in college, I always assumed that it was interesting but not applicable in reality. Something like literature. *but i was wrong*. Coming into GE even as an intern really opened my eyes. The corporate culture here is really apparent. People are generally friendly and approachable, everything moves really fast; thus it reflects the company's expectation of their employee. I was told, the only constant thing in GE is Change itself. Ahh....the irony.

*new office*

Tomorrow is going to be quite a challenging day because I am going to receive my final project. It's called S2, more of a budgetting project for the next quarter. Sounds easy eh.....that's what I thought until my boss wished me 'luck' for it. Apparently I have to analyse data from the previous quarter and assess accordingly. *Still sounds bearable right...* Well after analysing the data, I have to assess the various unit's productivity and then approach the respective unit leader to question their numbers. So I'm imagining a tiny-weeny intern (@.@) who probably knows nuts about the business, facing unit leaders who have been working there for years, questioning them and requiring them to justify and substantiate the amounts. * that's why my boss wished me luck....really need it* Then again, I guess this is where the "leadership-building-emphasis" comes in. I'm not really sure how to do it but hopefully it'll be fine. It's already the 5th of August, only 25 days more to go!!!


*wS* said...

wow, sounds complicated!!

but wat do u expect? GE ok? hahaha i am proud of u fren, so pls show some appreciation by spending ur fren here for makan sessions :)

binbin said...

some1 got a new blog..some1 got a new blog..never mention it to me..never mention it to me..oh yeah:)