Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY with a not so Huat 2010

One word to sum up this year's Chinese New Year... No it's not 'Fatt'! No it's not 'Huat-ahh'! And No it's not 'Picture!!!!'

SIEN! It's damn boring......although the reunion with my family was good. It was enjoyable probably due to the anticipation of CNY-eve and all, plus I made my awesome-delicious-pastinaklagi- Lime tea with almond jelly for dessert! Got the idea from the PurpleCane restaurant and thought of trying it out myself. The jelly was as good as the restaurants but the tea I used was a little bitter. Maybe too kau. Also because the restaurant used black tea and I used green thinking they would taste about the same. Apparently not.

This year I made a vow not to gamble but on the eve night itself I failed. Played with the Lims the game 'In-Between'. Started off with RM2..... ended up losing nearly RM70. Wtf right. Where got own family win own family money one....*soreloser rant*... and where got people who got Ace and Queen kena another Ace, making me kena tiang and pay double wtf!. Being optimistic and in denial I think it was good coz it reminded me not to gamble in the coming days. Maybe that's why CNY has been so boring. But cannot la I cannot risk losing all my angpow money. I rather eat eat eat cookies.

Somehow my interest towards bowling grew over the past few weeks. Have been youtubing bowling tournaments and made me reflect my old bowling days. HAHAHAHAHA like damn good but actually still suck ass. HAHAHAHA. No la actually have been playing quite a lot lately and now quite engrossed with it. And my ball's damn old with scratches and scars.......................... sorry old ball, but sometimes I do blame you for not striking the pins. sometimes only not everytime wtf.

On the serious note, I realized I'm at a stage of my life where I have everything I want. Not yearning for anything in particular besides having another ball.... and Ipad. and new wallet. and AX grey jeans... and ... Ok let me rephrase: I realized I'm at a stage of my life where I have everything I need. Family ok, health ok, career ok, friends ok. All Ok. I wanted to write this grateful post few months back but frankly was quite pantang/superstitious afraid it would jinx it. So if in the next post I write that everything went wrong, then confirm it's jinx and I'll delete this post and you must forget everything I wrote k. oh wtf.

Seriously must be grateful of what we have now coz this morning in office I found out my colleague's mum met an accident a week ago and passed away 2 days b4 CNY. Can't imagine what his family must be going through but let's pray for them ya. All the more for us to appreciate what we have now and not complain about what we don't have *cough AX grey jeans cough*. I slap myself.

OK la wanna sleep d. Tomorrow going to an empty office to work. Everyone is still on leave but it's better this way coz it's quiet and I can work more efficiently since there's no one to disturb me.

nites and.............................

HUAT ARRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s Somehow the word 'Huat Arrrr' reminds me of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance....

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friends OK only meh? :p

Huat arrrrrr!