Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Post #1... eh no it's Post#2

It's been so long since I last posted something... eh actually it was just 2 days ago but it doesn't count la because it was an update to announce my return kononnya wtf. The last serious post was in Sept 09.... which means this blog died-ed for a whole 3 months. Truth be told I was lazy to blog since I realized there's nothing worth blogging about. Not that now something has happened but I just felt like it. So yea.................... *awkward silence*........ I think it's the new year, new hope ma...

Anyways in case you're wondering, I'm doing fine... so far work is fine, family is fine, dog is fine, stray cats outside my house also fine. Went to HK and Macau with friends in Nov coz it's been more than a year since I last travelled. Kinda fun exploring new places and places I always see in TVB drama. Then went there again as a tour guide when my family decided to go there for Xmas. It's been even longer since I travelled overseas with my family. More than 5 years. *guilty* So it was really nice spending time with them, going shopping, eating, and talking craps. Can see my parents are really happy =).

*She sees the shop* *She tries one on* *She looks for another*
*she's chosen one and dad's in peace wtf*

Another new update is me getting a new car bcoz I gotta pass the bumble satria to my younger bro (omg how time flies, younger bro is already going to college, driving). Next he'll start bringing girls home and everyone's gonna ask why am I still single and I'll go wtf and they'll ask again and I'll continue wtf'ing and they will start to match make me and finally I'll superwtf cannot take it and avoid them altogether. Ok enough......

To start 2010 I decided to rear fishes. When I told Ws that she asked if I bought it to eat wtf.I wanted to do something I didn't think I would do before. And rearing fishes is one of them. I used to think fishes are one of the most boring pet. Actually I still do. Swim swim swim... cannot play with it.. only can use finger poke the glass hoping to attract its attention. But this year,I'm doing it coz I think it's something I can do without being responsible wtf. I don't have to feed them at a specific time, I don't have to walk them so they can poo, and most importantly they don't have feelings wtf. In short it's my ideal open-relationship. Maybe I should update my facebook status; Open-Relationship with the Gapi(s). It's fun seeing them swim up and down, sometimes playing catching or fighting I dunno. See, because I dunno I don't have to feel guilty . Even if I knew, I couldn't do anything. Cannot slap it's butt or bribe them with treats. Kinda sad coz one of the fish died this morning. It jumped out of the aquarium last night when I said it would make a nice fishball (no la kidding) and it was not normal when my dad put it back in. Next day it 'kwiaok-ed'. I guess it saw the light wtf.

New year resolutions for 2010. Not sure if I will do it but better to set something rather than nothing at all right....

  1. Stay healthy (eat less fried food maybe, drink less coffee impossible)
  2. Get at least 4 out of 6 abs wtf (always stuck at 2)
  3. Graduate the MT program
  4. Earn more money (or rather spend less)
  5. Visit and donate to the Special Children home at Taman Mega (something I wanted to do last year but didn't because I kept procrastinating)
  6. Sponsor a child in (also talk big only in 2009)
  7. Meet Ryan Seacrest and be the next American Idol wtf.
  8. Being able to sing at least 10 chinese songs in Redbox.
  9. Be strong and not change my handphone till Q3 2010 (Iphone 64Gb I'll (try to) wait for you!)
  10. Be happy, stay happy and keep everyone else happy like Barney coz it rhymes wtf.

Have a Great, Awesome, Chun-ted, and Happy 2010 everyone!

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Open relationship with the gapis LOL