Saturday, April 25, 2009

Main Masak Masaks

Turns out me not going back to KL this week was a good thing! I woke up in the morning and became a maid. Wash clothes..... hung clothes..... then wait for clothes to dry..... then vacuum floor... then wash toilet..... then iron clothes.... typical. So I thought to myself why not go all the way. So I cooked! I love cooking anyway! Lunch was nothing la.... just fried some sausages and bacon to eat with bread. Also cooked some corn, not sure why was craving for it since C told me about white corns she saw in Thailand. I think I'm becoming like my parents. Frying causes the oil to pop and splat everywhere and I ended up cleaning the whole kitchen wtf. And I remembered always scolding my mum for being over-particular. It's karma I tell ya.

Anyway the afternoon was really nice... so relaxing just sitting in the hall watching tv, chatting in msn and chill. Not bored at all. In fact I found time to pass too fast. But it was good thing because I was looking forward to dinner! I cooked Japanese Curry Pasta! Haha I didn't think I could but just thought of experimenting it since I got nothing else to do. Plus, the condo cafeteria was open if the pasta were to suck. I bought the ingredients from Jusco. Also with the leftover bacon and sausage from lunch, it fitted perfectly. I initially planned to use stir fried chicken and vege to complement the pasta but at the end I didn't use it. So I will just keep it for tomorrow. I have tried cooking pasta before. Twice to be exact. The first time was using the normal bolognese sauce. Failed! The sauce was too diluted and I didn't used mince meat but sausages instead. Attempt no. 2 was using cream sauce I bought from Cold Storage. This time it was worse because it tasted so bad that it only took me one mouthful to throw it all away. Damn wasted because I remembered putting in those western button mushrooms and chicken fillet. The sauce was horrible. Can't remember the brand though. This was the third time. And like they say, the third time's the charm. IT TASTED AWESOME! Seriously I'm damn proud of myself because I finally cooked something edible! The curry sauce was exactly like the ones I ate in Sakae or Sushi King. And it went very well with the bacon, sausages and corn. Safe to say I won't be ordering curry from Japanese restaurants anymore because I can cook it myself. FOR REAL!

And to top it all off, I treated myself with ice cream........... what a great saturday. haha

-The ingredients-

-'ke le fe' dish which didn't got to be used wtf-

-The bomb!-

-The outcome!-

-The dessert-

Didn't realise I had other pics taken before but not posted up yet. Oh well, it's random but shouldn't waste it. There you go.

-Jusco Sushi-

Saw this instant hand sanitizer in the supermarket and bought it right away. You might think I'm a clean freak but the fact was I bought it because I'm lazy. Lazy to go out from my room to wash my hands whenever I eat snacks in there. How about that!

-Random chicken maryland from the cafeteria downstairs....-

It has been a great day for me... but now I'm starting to get worried for tomorrow. It's Sunday and I don't have any plans installed. How?


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Adrian said...

Bugger ... got weekend off still complaining ... rubbing it in my face ar???!!! KNN!!!