Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lum Kor

How can I believe that my heart could find, someone like you you see, the real me, no in betweens, I have no where to hide.

You took away the walls around me, Made me feel safe to share my truth.

I see the heavens open, A heart that once was broken, Is holding nothing back Now that I've found you.
You hold me like a prayer, you touched me everywhere, A lifetime just ain't enough to love you through, Oh baby Now that I've found you.

You believe we're meant to be, our chemistry will last forever, In through the years we'll see some tears, we'll conquer fears, together we will grow.

Looking in your eyes they tell me, I no longer have to feel alone...

You see me, The real me, You believed in me....... Now that I've found you.

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