Monday, April 13, 2009


Helloo... It's me...... er..... er........... I seriously don't know what to update ....... and I realise I say this almost in every post.... either nothing to post or apologize for posting so late.... So predictable wtf. This time got no pics also. Worse case. Seriously no life. Ok la.... I shall start updating what I was doing for the past week. Very normal and boring.... Don't regret reading it coz it'll probably be one of those complain complain, emo emo, and then pure crap that's coming out of me. Even as I'm typing now I'm still not sure what I'm going to type next. Oh ok... recently I'm addicted to Facebook, but not to any particular game or feature or person. I'll just click the homepage and then refresh refresh waiting for friends to update something, After that I'll just click on it and 8, damn mouliu. damn free. damn sad. I don't really log into Friendster anymore. Actually I do almost everyday but just to see my daily horoscope wtf. Don't really believe but I just wanna read for fun (don't wanna admit wtf). I also keep stalking my friends' blogs because I really have nothing else to do online. To the extent of viewing the blogs every 1-2 hours hoping for them to update something. What's wrong with me?? Oh i've finally got sick of Penang food. Now I don't bother searching for nice food. Usually just have simple dinner with friends/ colleague or tapau from the cafeteria in my condo. Not Penang food but chicken maryland wtf. I went back to KL the last weekend for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Gotta admit that it was really really nice going back. The thing i miss most- my bed. I think I'm a bad dog owner. Anjingku, Rain's fur is again tangled. It has to be shaved, bald. And this is not it's first time. It's quite hard for me also since I'm not around most of the time. How? And I realised it's not as lively/ mad as before. Either I no longer excite him (that sounds so wrong wtf) or it's becoming an old fart. I'm so addicted to Rihanna's new song "Hatin' on the club". Damn nice since it's kinda oldschool with the "oh oh oh oh" and lyrics such as "This is the song for the brokenheart".. Generally my taste for music is changing a little. Prefer fast-beat songs, thus the current cd I burnt for my car has lots of Rihanna, Akon, Kylie and Madonna. Maybe need to be alert when driving long distance. Maybe not. Ohh there's 2 songs which is damn nice also.. one is Krazy by Pitbull feat. Lil' John. The other is Cookiejar by Gym Class Heroes. " I have a thing for Milano, biscotti Italiano... etc etc" damn nice cause it makes me hungry! Also damn funny when Y thought the title of the song was chocolate chip factory wtf! No linkage whatsoever but when you think deeper cookie--> chocolate chip---> factory?? My next guess would be charlie? haha. I don't know why the more I wash my towel, the more black it gets. It's clean but the white part of the towel becomes a darker shade and eventually it becomes black. Why ar? Until my landlord think I'm so poor cannot afford new towels but bought ps3 wtf . I received an Easter greeting sms from an unknown number. I'm curious to know who it was cause it was short and kayu. The sms read "Happy Easter".That's it. Something I would send out since I'm kayu too. But I also happen to be lazy and I didn't wanna face the "Sorry but who's this?"-->"Huh you deleted my number?"--> "Oh sorry I changed new phone"-->"Oh then I'm your secret admirer"-->"Faster tell me la" situations. OK la i'm sleepy already, tomorrow working and I'm already thinking where to go for breakfast. blah..... sucks right reading this when it's not structured, no proper paragraphing and topics which jump here and there. Haha. Hope it gave you a headache. Don't know why I said that. Next time don't read lo. Wtf something's not right. I realised I'm talking and challenging myself. Stupid M said it's because of the dryspell. No it's not cause it has been raining almost everyday now. damn lame wtf. Ok la. Out.



binbin said...

LOL...seriously I think it's a damn funny post..It's unstructured but funny..

sheiai said...

i actually like yr unstructured post :) n i m as pathetic as u.. clicking on the refresh button on fb to see if anyone update anything... geez, i think we need to get a life! hahaha

jillies said...

my eyes damn pain la. some more suffering from dry eyes.

can at least put two spaces between two topics that jump in and out?

preserve my eyes can? :D