Monday, March 9, 2009

Ello Ello Ello Eh Eh Eh

Howdy, I'm not dead. I just have nothing to post so far. I have no life. But I am not dead either.

Anyways, work has been pretty stressed up. One would think with the economic downturn, people would be more depressed and smoke more. But no, it doesn't work that way... blah.... smoke la people... you'll feel better wtf. (I can't believe I'm doing this) But don't start if you're not a smoker.

I also attended my first Dunhill event in Penang. It's a Dunhill Lights event, pretty cool since only selected people are invited and they had this Jazz Saxophonist performed on stage along with a female DJ. The best part was me arriving late and missing the performance. Blah.... If you're a smoker, you'll probably be aware of the limited edition tinbox we launched few weeks back. Highly scarces now so I got it for my cousin. I also got for myself but gave the cigs away because I only wanted the tinbox to keep coins or sweets in it wtf.

The event also had freeflow of drinks but I drove that night and I don't wanna pass out in the toilet again wtf, so I only had a few shots and butterflied here and there. Smarter this time. F however wasn't as lucky. Drink drink drink. Send her to the hotel but on the way back, she couldn't hold it, wind down the window, and 'fountained' her puke out. And yes, my car had the best of it. Sent my car for washing and I swear they charged more. RM14..... it's more than usual right? She kept apologizing but it was no biggie to me. Her company was really fun!

I finally went to Batu Feringgi (BF)! Very nice of B (who is from BF), came all the way to Queensbay to pick me up and then sent me home before going back to BF. Even spent me dinner! Where got people so nice one? Motive going there: Buy DVDs! Was afraid I didn't bring enough cash since I planned to sapu all the series but somehow couldn't find any. So ended up buying movies and more unexpectedly bought disney animated cartoons. Kungfu Panda, Cars, Ratatouille, Madagascar and etc... what is happening to me? Getting soft? No, I'm always 'hard'! Wahaha. We ate at the foodcourt there which was filled with angmo. Seriously a tourist attraction. Thus, the prices are highly marked-up! I had sizzling chicken and vegetable noodle which was good. The nicer food was the fried Hainanese Popiah/ Spring Roll. Seriously very good because I wasn't really hungry but gobbled it down like 100 years never eat wtf. Luckily the place is quite far from my house or it'll be another chicken skin catastrophe.

-Uncle, shift to Queensbay la wtf-

Being a tourist attraction, I'm well aware that there'll be many kinds of signs or warnings the government put up. No littering, no spitting, no smoking, no outside food & drinks, yada yada. This is however the first I've seen.

-No tongue too ya-

Since Monday is a holiday, I came back to KL. No particular plans since everyone else is busy. Met up with my uni friends and did some catching up. They went to Bkk and got me a souvenir! And it was so touching to hear that it immediately reminded them of me when they saw this gift. Akan tetapi, after I received it I wasn't sure to be happy or sad... you tell me.

I'm glad they got the right colour but is this my usual look? Blah...So I've decided to hang this on my car rear mirror to remind myself not to look like this. Smile Shaun Smile!

Also went out with R for happy-cashier-expensive-dimsum-wtf on Sunday. Food is still good but forgot to take camera out. Darn! They had many variaties but somehow you can't eat a lot in dimsum. Surely get full after a few dishes. R said it's due to the meatiness wtf. All meat meat meat. Then we went to watch Watchmen. Not that nice.... I give it a 5/10 rating because the message wasn't clear. Suddenly good buy become bad guy. Then the good guy who became bad guy become good guy again. In short the movie is the typical sacrificing people for the better good/ save humanity crap. And it's blardy 3 hours long... butt also pain. So we compensated ourselves with a good dinner at Ying Ker Lou! One of the few chinese restaurants I really like. Hakka style cooking. I ordered the Lei Cha Rice, basically tea base rice with a variety of vegetables. Very minty and healthy eating. You definitely won't have any problems shitting, trust me. But you might be shocked to see your shit green in colour. I was amused wtf.

We also got ourselves some books. I know, you might think I'm not the reading type right. But I already finished my previous book okay. It was so good that I finished it in 45 minutes. Shin Chan ma! haha. Nah, seriously I finished Tony Parsons' first book, so I got his second one. Don't know why but somehow I got to relate myself with a 30 year old man who lost his job, gotten married, had a son, then divorced and get on with life. WHY? Initially I didn't plan to buy the book but R was buying a few and I got kiasu wtf. So I also bought it and then took a few mags as well haha. He's a real good influence. And no I am not kiasu.
Say I'm not kiasu!!!!!!!!!

Like so matured right buy these kind of books.... well I also visited my childhood memories because I bought old japanese animes when I was out with my family. The Great Collection of Studio Ghibli!! Always wanted to rewatch Totoro. Bim Bim Ba, Chi Chi Cha yo~~~~ Then I also got another fighting fighting power power anime collection, Kiba because it was half priced. See I'm not kiasu...

Wah didn't know the post is so long already. And I thought I didn't have anything to update. Till later peeps.

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binbin said...

why wanna buy them when you can download ahem ahem version? and you cant deny that you really look like the green thing your friends got