Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kementrian Bunyi

Went to celebrate June's birthday at Sunway. It was celebrated earlier than the actual date since everyone's pretty much busy with their own lives... June with 'bun' and many other friends, Ws with her work and Dumbledore, Wb with his studies and Bali souvenir, and me with my coming job. Sounds like we're drifting apart......not!!!! We'll definitely keep in touch since we're all equally 38!

Since it was in Pyramid, we didn't really have many choices to choose from.... so the bday girl decided to makan in Fridays. Perfect choice as we all secretly preferred there as well.... haha... They have a new menu and a few new dishes.. I tried the garlic chicken pasta thingie and it turned out to be nice! Would not recommend it if you're out on a date though... you know... garlic....

After dinner we went for drinks at the Rainforest Bistro...... I was a little nervous to go there due to my previous "ebony" experience but went anyways since it was ladies' night and the girls can have free drinks. It turned out to be alright. The crowd was still chillin' with their drinks... not surprising since it was only around 10 ish.. still too early to dance and oogaa oogaa!!

The next stop was Euphoria, Ministry Of Sound. I've heard of it before and wanted to go there for ages. And was I not disappointed! The place was huge! The main hall played house/ trance beats and there is another room which played R&B. If you're tired of all the dancing, there is also a lounge for you to chill at. Nice ehh!!!! and for my personal preference, it's a non-smoking area!! Fun Fun Fun!!! I'll definitely go there again in the near future!!!

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