Monday, June 30, 2008

Makans Kepong & Pageants TAR OO!

Richard called me yesterday and asked me to accompany him to an event in TAR college. Jenny, kekasihnya participated in a pageant competition for freshmen and qualified to the final 6!! Frankly I wasn't that keen to go because:
  1. I have to leave the house early but I really wanna sleep pigly wtf
  2. I have to take the train to Kepong because I wasn't sure the way there
  3. I was suppose to attend another function which was so much nearer to my place
  4. Pageant competition was never my kind of thing to go in the first place
But I went anyway because I'm an excellent and supporting friend. Yah right... I don't even believe myself wtf. Since Richard offered to drop me back after the event ended, I thought I might go. Then we might be going for supper there, I felt like going already because I was thinking of Williams or Steven's Corner. Then Richard said he will bring me to eat at some cute cute place wtf with shaved ice drinks, okay I'll go I'll go I'll goooo!!!

The place was kinda small with approximately 15 mini tables and stools. But it was indeed a cute cute place wtf. Bright colored walls (somemore it's green babey!) and they sell a variety of toys. Even I myself was tempted to buy some of it but too girly, so cannot wtf. We ordered quite alot actually; A sausage ham pasta, garlic bread, some pizza thingie and some toasted burger bread thingie (without the burger patty but with some sauce.. yea i know it's weird but it looks good... but at the end didn't taste good wtf). As for drinks Richard ordered a mixture of shaved ice called Full Tank (watermelon, strawberry, lychee& etc). His friend, SM ordered another drink called Half Tank wtf (watermelon, strawberry, mango etc) Seriously wonder how they come up with the name. If I'm not wrong they also have another one called Quarter Tank, no kiddin'. My drink was rather straight to the point, called Strawberry Cheese. Just plain strawberry shaved ice and cream cheese at the bottom. I didn't think it would be nice but Richard strongly recommended it to me. So I try lo. It turned out to be very nice and it feels like eating strawberry cheesecake ice cream!!! The food was just alright but the drinks were damn nice!

-Strawberry Cheese-

-Full Tank and Half Tank wtf-

After makan we went back to Richard's place to rest a while before leaving for TAR. It was my first time going to his house and it was nice to see his family. They're really very close and laugh alot, especially his mother haha. I tersleep but was also awaken by his mummy's laughter. Such a cute family!

When we reach TAR, we sat on the VIP seats next to the families of the other contestants. The whole event was very nicely organized and the stage was beautiful! Even the judges were local celebrities (sorry but I cannot remember their names, I only know Amber Chia and Steve Yap so far wtf). There were a few performances but the one that stole the show was a group of boys breakdancing! Omg they are damn good... too bad they don't really have a group name yet but they are apparently professionals. I also felt like learning but cannot because too old already, bone stiff already and too kayu already. As for the pageant performances, Jenny (kekasih Richard) danced and incorporated a good girl, bad girl role play. Quite sexy and I was sure many guys were turned on. I'm sure I heard some guys requested for an encore. The other contestants were good too. Some sang their hearts out, some wobble their belly dance and some danced and 'ting tong' cup glasses wtf. Overall it was very entertaining! When the results came in, Jenny won 2nd runner up!!! Was so happy for her and I can tell Richard, kekasih Jenny was also damn proud. To be honest, I really thought Jenny could win because she's the prettiest among the contestants. Maybe her talent performance wasn't as strong. But still.......... The good news is that after the event, one of the judge approached her for an audition in a movie. Never expect headhunters to be there.... maybe I should have done something too... muahahaha.. end up in Digi advertisement (I taiko ma.. wtf) . When it all ended, we went for supper at Steven's Corner. Eat like pig since we didn't have dinner. I myself had garlic cheese naan, fried chicken, vegetable soup and shared with them a roti tissue (tissue bread wtf). Went home and sleep with a full stomach..... sure damn fat one because didn't digest.... sinful but satisfying!

-The super cool no name dance group-

-The champion, 1st and 2nd Runner up-

-The loving couple-

I still think Jenny should win lo.......................................................

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