Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Deed #1

We received a sms from a church member....... and it goes:

"S.O.S- Urgently require blood of any group type for K.P and S' son.. Please go to 5th Floor Subang Jaya Medical Centre during office hours to donate blood. Pass this message on. Thank you & God bless."

Hmm....... so I'm currently unemployed, having nothing to do, waking up earliest at 1 p.m (usually starting my day by scratching down south.. wtf), hoping to find a job, praying my results would be good, currently in God's hands........ what do I do? what do I do?


"That fcking hurt!!!!" I screamed as I punched the nurse. Well, that's what they usually show on tv... portraying the macho man/ man of the house/ school bully/ etc being afraid of needles. I for one absolutely enjoyed it! hahaha. I went to the blood bank and registered myself as a blood donor. The poor boy apparently had dengue and was in need of blood. Moreover, his platelet count dropped quite a bit yesterday night and the hospital thought it would be necessary to keep a standby amount just in case. I have never donated blood before and was told that it only took approximately 15-30 minutes. When I went there the nurse told me that they wanted to take my platelet; white blood cells and I simply agreed. I thought they were just using medical terms for sucking out my blood. Then she said it would take about 2 and a half hours. Never mind I thought...... maybe I was wrongly informed.... and then another church member came in to donate his blood to the same patient. It only took 15 minutes and thennnnn I begun to worry..... How come my procedure will take 2.5 hours and his only took 15 minutes...........WTF................. at the same time I was quite shy to ask the nurse since I casually agreed (pretending I knew what she was saying) when she informed me earlier........

So when it was my turn I lie on the most comfortable chair... seriously.... if only we can buy them outside i sure buy.... damn nice................... anyways as the nurse was strapping my arm and finding my vein, I gathered my courage and thicken my face to asked her why is my procedure different from the other person's. Then the sweet nurse explained to me that the other guy donated his blood, so they simply extracted it out from his body and that's it. What I'm doing or rather what they're doing to me is extracting the platelet. The procedure goes like this:

1st the machine extracts my blood
2nd the machine separates the platelet from the extracted blood
3rd the machine returns the platelet-less blood to my body.

And then I so innocently/ naively/ stupidly asked the nurse "Why don't you just take my blood and separate it? I don't want it back... I want my body to replenish new blood" The nurse sooo sweetly looked at me and replied "Because the machine doesn't do that"....*sweats*... I'm quite sure she was annoyed.... though I think I am right... :)

Regardless I thought it was really fun...... don't know why it felt a little ecstatic when the needle poked through my skin into my vein... and I was even more excited to see my blood flow through the tubes. At some point I gotta admit... I felt like drinking the blood... haha... A delight in feeling pain and the urge to drink one's blood... and I'm a Holy Christian... oh don't worry, I still like garlic... get it?? haha -lamechop-

-It's not urine, it's the platelet-

Anyways, I thought you all should know that blood donation isn't something scary.... In fact it's fun.... muahahaha..... and seriously there are many patients in need of blood. I saw so many names on the waiting list posted on the board and statistics shows that we are suppose to donate blood at least twice a year for the hospitals to have sufficient blood storage. Note that you can only donate a maximum of 4 times a year (every 3 months) ... so don't donate too much.... Besides it's good for your body to replenish new blood and the nurses will also conduct a blood screen to ensure you are hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV free. So don't give lame excuses like afraid of needles/blood, no time, assume there is enough blood in the hospital, assume others will do it, etc etc.... Just go to the hospital and do your part for society... Imagine youself saving someone's life..... or try putting yourself in their shoes..... or try imagining being in their family's..... not able to help their love ones...... whatever that makes you go there... Just do it!

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