Saturday, June 7, 2008

Getting the blues

From the previous post, I described about the delicious dumpling (Bak Zhang) my aunt made. That wasn't the end of it. Little did I know she made 2 types of dumplings and I only happen to eat one the other day. An impatient glutton I was.

Today I tried a different one, the nyonya version. It distinguishes itself rather well from the stereotyped dumpling. From the looks of the blue taint and the ingredients. Honestly I don't know why my aunt put in the blue blue colouring which isn't good for health. Oh wait, I think it's organic since it's from some flower... not sure. As for the ingredients, it only has minced pork and the blue blue sticky rice wtf. Like most nyonya food, it's sweet... and I didn't fancy it. I like my food to be salty and spicy >:). Sweet are for desserts and pansies. Besides, it only has minced pork.... no fun chewing it..... no mushrooms, no salted egg yolk and most importantly NO CHESTNUTS! And the blue blue colour might not be good for health. .. dunno why I keep obsessing about the blue blue colour... but it's fun saying it... blue blue colour blue blue colour blue blue colour ...................................... fck it might be the side effect of consuming it; the blue blue colouring.... i better get a cup of green green tea to wash it all down...

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