Monday, October 15, 2007

Me day NOT-So bored so DVD to Cooks to Means

Woke up today at approximately 1 pm...nothing to do for today but stomach was feeling hungry. Went to the kitchen and no tapau'ed' food on the dining table. Parents are already it's either to drive out and buy me some food...or just cook it myself.......It's a dilemma....i'm equally lazy to drive out or to cook and wash the dishes....At the end, i decided to cook.....being so semangated, opened the fridge and NONE........*sweats*..............ended up cooking maggie noodles with egg...which i did not finish.

Though lunch was bad (it's not my cooking but rather the bad recipe maggie have for it's seasoning =P) , my day was good because i get to watch "FlashPoint". It's a movie i've wanted to watch months ago. Basically about the usual undercover cop dealing with mob-traids and yada yada. What catches my attention is who's starring in it. Firsly, it's Donnie Yen....a fcking martial artist with super-cool stunts. He's kinda old because i remember watching him in the "Chan Chen" series when i was really young....but his body was superb....real 6-pax and killer chest! I pity the extras and stunt ppl who got SERIOUSLY beaten up by him in the making of the movie. The co-star of the movie is Louise Koo.....if u really know me, then you would have known that this guy is my all-time fav movie actor. He kinda dissapointed me in this movie though....he did not portray his role well as an undercover cop and got really overshadowed by Donnie Yen. Big contrast as compared to his previous movie (can't remember the title but he acted as a drug-addict). After the movie, i decided to walk my dog, went for a jog and washed my bumble-satria . Parents then came home asking me to attend some dinner gathering with "Shaun-where's-your-gf" aunties and uncles at some seafood restaurant. Even though i would want to see and be interrogated by my "beloved" aunties and uncles my natural reflexes would make me refuse the offer. Plus, I will only ended up eating the usual "Ku lou yuk", stir fried vegetables and some cooked toufu since I don't eat seafood. Come on, it's only logic I skip this gathering. lols. Fortunately my parents are rather understanding (or given up hope) and thus allowed me to stay home.

When i finished washing the car, it's time to get dinner. I didn't feel like eating chinese food but can't afford western either. So, I decided to cook myself a light meal instead. Knowing my fridge was empty, I drove to Carrefour and bought a can of .......oh wait, I can't disclose what I bought because I wanna brag about my cooking later. HAHA ~Fastforwardzeeeeeeepppp~~~

Anyway, when I reached home i layed all the raw raw raw material i bought and started preparing. Firstly I grind and minced the pork and chicken I bought and made myself ham and sausages. Ok this is getting lame and i shall spill the beans. My dinner for the night was baguette with ham, sausages and minestrone soup. My sophisticated cooking refers to the heating up of the above. As "ciplak" my cooking maybe, I did do something to categorized my activity as cooking. I turned my baguette into GARLICCCC Baguette a.k.a garlic bread~~~. It may sound cheesy but i'll let the pics do the talking.

~Beware. This is not for the hungry peruts~

raw material 1) Black pepper Ham

raw material 2) Pizza Cocktail Sausages

raw material 3) Butter & Garlic & Salt

raw material 4) Baguette with garlic spread

raw material 5) Campbell Minestrone

Campbell Minestrone Soup

Garlic Baguette

Roasted Ham & Sausages

Dinner on 14th October 2007

If all taste fail...there's always my ever-loyal...................

Mr. Tobasco-san!


binbin said...

you call that a light meal??!!??you should have invited our sausage-lover friend...and about Donnie Yen..yeah no

*wS* said...

oh he was a drug addict in Prodigy.

and u watch flashp*rn without june? how could u? hahaha

ohh..looks pretty good..and i agree it's light meal! eh the gralic bread looks yummy :)

Vivian said...

hahaha... can I kidnap you over to be my chef??

I regret not taking crash courses from you... hehe