Monday, October 1, 2007

Insomnia...or not?

It's 2.36 a.m and i still can't sleep. Classes are resuming in 10 hours and 23 minutes. Why am I still awake? Why can't I sleep? are not at fault, I will never blame you, You are equivalent to blood relative to me haha. Insomnia.....I don't think so. The worst part of not being able to sleep is the tendency to start thinking rubbish. Well, it's not really's probably things that I should only worry in the future.

Have been fretting over the purpose of my life recently....someone told me it's not fate that decides the purpose....but rather me having to find an objective and give meaning to my life. So which is it that I should believe in? Haha... logic and my common sense would tell me that I should decide how my life should be. What should I do.....visit the orphanage? old folks home? take yoga? I don't even know and quite frankly don't really have the interest to do so. It's not like i'm a bad person...It's just I'm not that kind >:) ~Karma of being unhelpful~

There's also another person who told me that the problem I am having is not having any problem. Thus, making me think too much and looking for trouble. Lolz. Now, that's logic!

One opinion that really hit me (very the sakit) was when he said I am simply lonely. I asked him why he said that and he said it's a conclusion from what I have been telling him. My first reaction to that was of course to deny it. But as I go down deeper, I thought that he may be right.

me: So what should I do la since u say i lonely?
he: Get attached la!!
me: *slaps* so easy meh??? gila!
he: aiya, u choosy only la....ah chu ah kau also can get la....
me: exactly, ah chu get ah kau left me lo...
he: haihya.....u know what i mean la...waste time!
me: U know i wont simply get ah chu ah kau one wat.... then u consider ur other half ah chu isit?
he: Dun talk crap ........Ok, now i know what u mean...
me: yeala....u blardy xing fu bugger!
he: come la i intro u new ppl....
me: dunwan....i look myself better....
he: sei yiu min!
me: of course...hehehe
he: hahahah........
me: haha.........*kayu mode activated*


binbin said...

you are not got me...i mean

*wS* said...


celebrate singlehood my fren!