Sunday, August 26, 2007

4 Days to go....what's what after that?

Today's the 26th of August and it finally hit me that I only have 4 working days left. After that, I will be free as a bird but might be bored to death too. My boss did asked me to extend my internship but I refused 'just because' .period. =P

I guess I better start planning on what to do during my remaining holidays. The first thing I have in mind is to have a gilafied shopping spree. And by gilafied I meant the places I intend to go in a day:

1) KLCC (definate)
2) Timesquare & Sungai Wang & Bukit Bintang (definate)
3) Midvalley (definate)
4) 1 Utama (probably)
5) Sunway Pyramid (maybe)
6) Subang Parade (probably not)
7) Summit (definately not)

Will be getting stuffs for the Langkawi trip on the 18th Sept. Tops, shorts, belt, bag, sunblock and maybe the 30 ml Ise Miyake if I still have the spare cash. Have been eyeing that for ages...........sorry but you might wanna know that I'm a sucker for cool perfumes with nice/fancy bottles =D. The problem I have now is that I'm not sure what the budget will be. Gotta do some budgetting and forecasting I guess..lolz.

Okay, enough with the shopping which only take a day of the hols. Alrighty, will make a list of things I wanna/gonna do:

a) Learn to play the guitar!!!
b) Continue Mandarin class (level 2)
c) Improve my handwriting!!!!
d) Workout, jog and swim!!!!
e) Improve my excel & powerpoint skills.
f) Karaoke
g) Bake a cake.
h) Learn how to bake a cake
i) Read more books.
j) Read more of the newspaper.
k) Watch more CNN & less E!??
l) Polish my car.
m) Improve presentation skills.

Okay....I think that should be enough till classes start. I'm gonna prettyyy busy.......IF I do all above.

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